Have an unforgettable and unique evening’s entertainment for your guests


  • Playing your attendees at pool, snooker or billiards
  • Exhibition of World Famous Trick shots
  • Coaching hints
  • Robby can facilitate the event along with a specially tailored competition where any skill level can be a winner

Many people have regarded Robby Foldvari  as the World’s best combined  Billiards and Snooker player. He is available for exhibitions anywhere around the world. These exhibitions consist of playing guests at any cuesport in a lighthearted, entertaining manner. A wide variety of trickshots will also be performed.

Robby has performed on television all over the world including Channel 9, FOX sport, BBC UK and ESPN. He has played live trickshots on National TV shows such as Hey Hey its Saturday, Wide World of Sports, Good Morning Australia, Sale of the Century, IMT, and Denise.

Robby has also performed at many public exhibitions such as MCG National Sports Museum, Gartner Computer Show at Jupiters Casino, Melbourne Home Show, World Sports Expo, MotoClassica Car Show and many more while performing and facilitating events at hundreds of private functions for large and small business (e.g Telstra, ANZ, BMW, Lexus, Gilbert & Tobin Lawyers, Deloitte and many more).