Robby is available for individual or group coaching at billiards, snooker or pool anywhere in Australia and around the world.

Neil Robertson, (World Snooker Champion) has been mentored and motivated by Robby, in his formative years. They went on travels together, played in the same team and also had some very competitive matches.

You can contact Robby on tel +61 418 178 574 or email

(Coaching is available at a venue of your choice or your home as well as on ZOOM)

Learn snooker, pool or billiards from Robby Foldvari, one of the world’s leading authorities on Cuesports. Robby is one of the few ‘A’ grade WPBSA coaches in the world. Robby can teach you the basic techniques or learn tactics, shot selection and break building. Even learn a trick shot to impress your friends.

Robby coaches beginners to advanced levels, juniors to seniors, male and females. Foldvari has a Graduate Diploma of Education from Monash University so he knows how to transfer his knowledge.

Robby has coached all over the world including being an Official Coach of China and National Coach of Singapore when they won their first ever Gold Medal in the South East Asian Games for billiard sports at 9 ball. He is an ‘A’ Grade WSA Coach.

In the meantime here are some coaching tips.

  • Keep your head as still as can be on any shot. It is a major consistent requirement in most sports, but why does your head move, that’s the real question and how do you fix it?
  • Different cue sports require different skills and sometimes changes in technique are required when going from one billiard discipline to another.